Pig Out BBQ

Location: 6&7 790 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON
Price: $-$$

pigoutThe name ‘Pig Out BBQ’ determined exactly what I intended on doing…and that was pigging out. I pulled out the stretchy pants and some loose change from my wallet and I was ready to go. I have been many times before from dining in, to take out, to delivery, and have never once been disappointed.

The amount of food is astronomical, especially in comparison to the price. For $10.95 I got a spicy pulled pork sandwich, with coleslaw, sweet potato fries and an iced tea. It’s authentic, house smoked barbecue with menu items such as ribs, wings, barbecued chicken, brisket, and good ol’ mac-n-cheese all for dirt-cheap.

From the outside it looks like a take out, fast food kind of place. But there is actually a small dining area consisting of nine tables and a window front bar top. It’s fairly nice for a barbecue joint, although I usually order take-out since I tend to suffer from extreme itis after eating.

photo-48The way this place works, is you order from the main counter and they bring the food to you when it’s ready. While I was waiting, the smell of barbecue was so strong I could taste it and it just made the wait, which wasn’t long at all, excruciating. Then my pulled pork sandwich came and it was massive. It was easily enough food to feed two people, and it was sloppy…just the way I like it.

photo-52When I went to take the first bite, juices started running down my hand, pulled pork was everywhere and there was barbecue sauce all over my face…there is no such thing as eating barbecue and being lady like at the same time, it’s scientifically impossible. The spicy barbecue sauce (you have the option of sweet/spicy) has that authentic smoky barbecue flavour with enough spice that made my body temperature rise and nose start to run. The bun gets a bit soggy from all the juices, but I’d easily rather have a soggy bun then have a pile of dry pulled pork.

photo-53The sweet potato fries were great as well…golden brown and extremely crispy, just how they should be. But what always stands out is the coleslaw; it is literally to die for. It’s cream based and crunchy, and mixed in with the spiciness of the pulled pork, softens the kick just enough.

One of the only complaints I have is the service. It’s usually spectacular, but this time…not so much. From what I could see, two people were working. I was the only customer at the time, but felt as if I was invisible. Once I ordered and had my food delivered to the table, almost immediately the two staff members made themselves at home. One started eating at the table next to me and the other was sat down reading a newspaper. If there really wasn’t any work that could have been done, at least “relax” in the back. That’s all I’m asking.

Other than that, the place is great. And when I need a good barbecue fixing, I head to Pig Out’s to truly pig out. Make sure to check it out!