amgHello my fellow food lovers! Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Amanda Graham…Mandy for short, and I’m a 26-year-old lipstick wearing, food critiquing, music loving, beer drinker with a journalism background! I’ve always had a passion for food, as well as writing…so one day I had this epiphany, why not combine the two?

The saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” really struck a chord with me. This isn’t what I classify as dreadful, laboured work…this is a lifestyle!

Over the years I’ve had people criticize and belittle the field of “work” I wish to be a part of, and by all means, they’re entitled to their opinions. But this is my career, my life, and my dream…so pipe it!

MandyIIInitially when I started this blog, I wasn’t eating wheat! And that surprisingly lasted a whole five-months…what was I thinking? I don’t typically like to dwell on the past, however I like to classify that part of my life as a “moment of weakness”…a temporary half-Britney, half-Lindsay crazy phase if you will…everyone’s allowed at least one of those right? Britney did make a solid come back after all? So this is mine! My forum for expressing my passion for food.

When I’m out doing a review, I am and will continue to be that typical “annoying person” you see at restaurants snapping multiple photos of every dish…Instagramwhat filter should I choose?…$#!T…Snapchat! I also come across as that “ignorant, antisocial snob” who is glued to their phone over the course of the evening…I’m jotting down notes, I swear!

MandyThe reviews I write touch on the taste and presentation of food, overall service, décor as well as menu selection. I like to explore different cultures and try new things, in as many cities as I’m fortunate enough to travel to. I also don’t fabricate things, I tell it how it is. If I enjoy something, you will know. If I dislike something, you will really know.

I also want to encourage my readers to share their own experiences with me, as my reviews aren’t the only ones that matter. Give me your feed back, opinions and recommendations…I’m open to all of it! And when I’m not busy writing, Instagram’ing everything I eat or scoping out where my next indulgence will be, I’m gladly accepting resumes for future dinner dates! Seriously though, I am…minus the whole resume part…who has time for that?!

Dinner anyone?


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4 thoughts on “Amuse

  1. Amanda, this is so great! You really reach out to such a varied group of people and I look forward to following you! If you can, please try Grand Electric & 416Snack Bar. Both restuarants are in toronto and both have a unique take on dining that I feel you would really enjoy. Once again, awesome job girl!

  2. Thank you for the support Shannon! Both Grand Electric and 416 Snack Bar are actually on my go-to list, so stay tuned girl because I will definitely be reviewing them in the near future!

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