Oshawa · Toronto

Urban Smoke – Fusion BBQ

Location: To be announced
Price: $

usfbWord on the street at Durham College was that an “Eat St.” style food truck from Toronto was coming to campus for a couple of days. Beyond excited, I knew I was in for a treat…but the day I had planned to indulge, they had to cancel due to unexpected spring-time flurries. I missed my chance…or so I thought.

After finishing my final exam of the semester, I was joyfully leaving the campus in hopes of not returnng for five gracious months, but from the corner of my eye, I spotted something big, black and truck-like in shape. My heart skipped a beat and I knew I was going to be hanging around campus just a tad bit longer…the truck was back!

photo-30My tummy was grumbling and I was giddy upon arrival, instantly being drawn to the red carpet style waiting line, where I skimmed over the delicious, but small menu. It read items such as a classic pulled-pork sandwich, a brisket sandwich grilled cheese style, a portabella mushroom burger and brisket poutine. I was seriously tempted to try one of everything but settled for ‘The Dirty Bob,’ also known as the brisket grilled cheese.

When my name was called, I swooped up my take out box, which was made of cardboard NOT styrofoam…a much healthier and environmentally friendly choice might I add, and I tore it open like a kid on Christmas morning.

photo-34In front of me was a massive, perfectly grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with juicy barbequed brisket, Swiss cheese, and sautéed mushrooms and onions. The caramelized bark on the brisket was to die for, and they sure did not chince out on the quantity of meat. It was fully loaded and enough for two, maybe even three sittings. My only complaint would be the amount of cheese, or lack there of. When I think of grilled cheese, I think of a big gooey mess, but there wasn’t an adequate amount to give it that true grilled cheese feel. None the less, it was delicious!

For $8, the amount of food proves you really get a good bang for your buck, and in fact I wish I wasn’t such a broke student so I could have tried a couple other items as well. Although it’s hard to always track down the truck because its constantly on the go, they do keep an up-to-date Twitter feed as to there daily whereabouts. https://twitter.com/UrbanSmokeTruck


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